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Ruby gem的proxy代理设置方法

[ 2008-08-07 14:04 | by 草山湖 ]
公司里上网是通过公司自己做的代理,因此使用Rubygem的时候没有办法直接安装我们需要的包如Rails,在网上查了很多的有关gem使用代理的方法,很多人都写到gem支持-p参数来设定代理,但是我试了很久没有成功。 现在把我设置成功的方法记下来,以免以后忘掉:

        第二种,在命令行下输入:set http_proxy=url,后面的url是你的代理地址,如:什么的。设置完后就可以直接使用gem命令了。


Running gem install when you are behind a proxy.
Set the HTTP_PROXY environment variable.

Note this is fully qualified, as such:

in this example, the proxy is running on the localhost. With NTLM authorization to get through a corporate firewall.

NB: This may not work if you are behind a Microsoft ISA Proxy server with only NTLM (MS ISA Server proprietary) authentication available. If this is the case, you can try the Microsoft Firewall Client or the Python NTLM Authorization Proxy Server.

JB: A gem is available which gives ruby the ability to authenticate with ISA natively. To use it with gems follow these steps:

Download rubysspi from the Ruby Win32 SSPI project page(also available as gem install rubysspi but that doesn’t help much, does it?)
Install the gem locally
Copy spa.rb from the gem install to your site-ruby directory
Find gem.cmd in your ruby bin directory and add ”-rspa” to the command line.
Set http_proxy environment variable as above
gem list rails
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